About JSF


About Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF)

Jordan Strategy Forum is a leading think tank on Economic development. Founded on August 30, 2012, JSF was formed in order to enable the private sector to engage in constructive dialogue on local economic issues and achieve comprehensive economic development. From start-ups to established companies and medium-sized firms, JSF consists of a variety of companies, in addition to scholars and specialists of the Jordanian economy.

By combining the efforts made by the private sector in consensus with scholars and specialists in the economy, JSF strives to create a sustainable economic development strategies and raise awareness around development issues, in addition to enhance the private sector’s role in inclusive economic development through:

  1. Establishing our role as a think tank by proposing sustainable economic strategies and analyzing policies as well as assessing their impact on the economy from a macro perspective; and fostering active relationships with decision-makers at every level in government.
  2. Initiating debates between all stakeholders interested in improving economic policies through holding conferences and discussion sessions, as well as publishing our studies and research through  newspapers, social media and our website.
  3. Developing and maintaining a strong and successful private sector, with high competitiveness capabilities, that is committed to improving the economic environment in Jordan through creating jobs, supporting local communities, and spreading prosperity across all segments in society.

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