Jordanian Expat’s Remittances


Jordanian Expat’s Remittances

Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF) studied Jordanian expat’s remittances; the study included how much and from where personal remittances were received in Jordan. Migrant remittances are the funds sent back by expatriates to their home countries. According to the World Bank, personal remittances in the whole world reached USD 552.32 billion in 2015; an 11.2% growth from the USD 496.65 billion of 2011. Personal remittances is the summation of both personal transfers and compensation of employees. Jordan received approximately JD3,792 billion in personal remittances in 2015. These remittances originated from 76 countries from various regions across the world. Graphs included in this document are meant to shed further light on these remittances between 2011 and 2015. For a more detailed view on the matter, refer to Jordan Strategy Forum study “Returning Jordanian Expatriates: A Challenging Opportunity”.


* Source: Department of Statistics (DOS) and the World Bank




يقوم منتدى الاستراتيجيات الأردني بمشاركة المعلومات الاقتصادية المهمة التي يتم تجميعها من مصادر عالمية مختلفة؛ وذلك بهدف نشر الوعي حول الأمور الاقتصادية والاجتماعية والتوعية في ظل التغييرات التي يشهدها العالم وذلك لمواكبة آخر التطورات وطرح مجال للتفكير في حلول تعمل على تنمية وتعزيز الاقتصاد الوطني.

Jordan Strategy Forum shares important economic information that is collected from various international sources; with the aim of raising economic and social awareness. This is done in order to track the latest developments and suggest solutions that would develop and strengthen the national economy



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