Jordan's Trade with the European Union, 2015


Jordan's Trade with the European Union, 2015

This analysis is part of Jordan strategy Forum’s (JSF) efforts towards Jordan’s economic development through shedding light on Jordan’s bilateral trade – domestic exports, re-exports, and imports – with all countries around the world. Hence, this series of ‘‘Knowledge is Power’’ tackles Jordan’s trade with the European Union (EU) – Italy, Netherlands , the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, France, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Slovenia, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium & Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Croatia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Finland and Latvia.

An in-depth analysis of the trade between Jordan and these countries is presented through briefings, tables, and graphs that show the values of trade between Jordan and the European Union, the potential that is still being untapped for Jordan in each country part of the EU, and the Sophistication* of products and countries’ markets as whole.

This analysis provides strategic information for industrialists and investors that will assist them in their growth strategies and efforts to expand their business and develop new markets. This analysis also aims to provide a tool for evidence-based policymaking and assist decision-makers in their efforts to enhance Jordan’s economic prosperity.


* Sophistication: A measure of industrial products’ added value and contribution to the exporter country’s economic complexity. Refer to JSF study Industrial Exports Jordan's Product Space - New Opportunities to Diversify July 2017 and Jordan's Product Space Part one  January 2017

** Source: International Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade), Department of Statistics.

يقوم منتدى الاستراتيجيات الأردني بمشاركة المعلومات الاقتصادية المهمة التي يتم تجميعها من مصادر عالمية مختلفة؛ وذلك بهدف نشر الوعي حول الأمور الاقتصادية والاجتماعية والتوعية في ظل التغييرات التي يشهدها العالم وذلك لمواكبة آخر التطورات وطرح مجال للتفكير في حلول تعمل على تنمية وتعزيز الاقتصاد الوطني.

Jordan Strategy Forum shares important economic information that is collected from various international sources; with the aim of raising economic and social awareness. This is done in order to track the latest developments and suggest solutions that would develop and strengthen the national economy




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