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Three committees were formed to manage and develop JSF work, committee members are also members of the forum. The Three committees meet regularly, with the aim to manage and continuously develop Jordan Strategy Forum. The CEO and the executive team provide support to theses committees continuously. Each head of commitee should be a member of JSF board.

Being on a committee is voluntary, with positions offered to members who wish to contribute to the activities of JSF. Seats on committees may be offered to non-members who have experience in certain areas.

Membership Committee:

Membership Committee oversees membership of the forum by:

  • Establishing professional standards for eligibility for membership in the Jordan Strategy Forum, and reviewing these standards when necessary
  • Approving potential members as well as making recommendations to the board with potential members
  • Coordinating meetings with potential members
  • Contacting and visiting potential members periodically
  • Following up on membership problems with the Executive Management of the forum

Membership Comittee Members: 

  • Nadia Al Saeed (Head of the Committee)
  • Marwan Jumaa
  • Karim Kawar
  • Ghassan Nuqol
  • Mohammad Belbeisi
  • Jamil Anabtawi

Content Committee:

The Content Committee oversees the research done by the forum, and perform the following tasks:

  • Identify research topics and their intended format.
  • Identify topics for research.
  • Propose names of scholras to undertake studies
  • Provide feedback and evaluate the content that the researchers prepared for JSF

Content Committee Members:

  • Saad Mouasher (Head of the Committee)
  • Laith Al Qassem
  • Nadia Al Saeed
  • Ramzi Haffar
  • Jarir Ajlouni
  • Tamer Qaqeesh
  • Nadim Kayyali
  • Sharif Saifi
  • Raed Abu Laban
  • Zaid Al Masri
  • Ghassan Omet
  • Radwan Shaban

Communication and Outreach Committee:

The Communication and Outreach Committee plays its integrative role with the Content Committee, by ensuring that the outputs of the forum are disseminated in the best possible manner. The committee also focuses its work on strengthening JSF’s relationship with various media. Overall, the committee oversees the following matters:

  • Supervising the forum's website and content, and advising the Head of Communication about it
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the forum on social networking sites
  • Identifying ways to disseminate and distribute JSF studies and outputs
  • Confirming that the outputs of the forum are disseminated and communicated to the target audience
  • Coordinating with the executive team to hold meetings and various events

Communication and Outreach Committee members:

  • Walid Tahabsem (Head of the Committee)
  • Marwan Jumaa
  • Samir Murad

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