JSF Committees
Four committees were formed comprised of JSF members and an elected chairperson from the board of directors. The four committees meet regularly and are expected to manage and develop the work of the Jordan Strategy Forum. The CEO and the executive team support the four committees with decisions and recommendations and make sure they comply with the JSF’s policy. Committee memberships are voluntary positions offered to members who wish to contribute to the success of JSF. Seats on the committees may be offered to non-members with experience.

General duties and responsibilities of a committee member:
   - Attending committee meetings.
   - Review and update the committee's work program.
   - Contribute to the success of the committee by providing experience, knowledge, and expertise.
   - Provide advice and guidance to the CEO and employees during the implementation of the activity.
   - Support the CEO and staff as needed during any activity.

Governance & Audit Committee

The Governance and Audit Committee provides independent assistance in overseeing the accuracy and integrity of the Jordan Mathematical Strategies Forum data and budget compliance, and well as ensure adherence to the Jordan Strategy Forum's well-established financial and operational policies and procedures.

Content Committee
The Content Committee is considered the backbone of the work at JSF. This committee supervises the content of the forum by defining the research areas for JSF to focus on. The content committee suggests and identifies external researchers to prepare studies, in addition to providing feedback and evaluating the papers prepared by researchers.
Membership Committee
Membership Committee oversees membership of the forum by establishing professional standards for eligibility for membership in the Jordan Strategy Forum, and reviewing these standards when necessary, approving potential members as well as making recommendations to the board with potential members, coordinating meetings with potential members, contacting and visiting potential members periodically, and following up on membership problems with the Executive Management of the forum.
Communication & Advocacy Committee
The Communication and Advocacy Committee ensures that the outputs of the forum are distributed in the best possible manner. The committee also focuses its work on strengthening JSF’s relationship with various media.