Vision, Mission, & Core Values


Strategic Goals
Supporting legislation and policies that contribute to enhancing the economic environment
Follow-up and evaluate the performance from current legislation and policies (accountability)
Contributing to achieving continuous growth in the Jordanian economy
Empowering the private sector to exercise its role regarding social and economic development
Raise awareness about economic issues and the role of the private sector

Core Values
Independence: Objective and unbiased, addresses relevant issues, avoids narrow interests, and financially independent.
Credibility: Distinguishes between fact and opinion, expands the scope of knowledge and dialogue, balances all opinions for the public interest.
Good Governance: Adopts highest standards of governance, integrity, and transparency. Promotes good governance among all members from the private sector.
Corporate-Social Responsibility: Socially responsible and leaves positive impact on the Jordanian society. Promotes and encourages corporate-social responsibility among all members from the private sector.
Inclusivity: Believes and preaches diversity in the business environment and openness to other economies and works on empowering and enhancing various national skills.
Sustainability: Seeks to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy by adopting innovative standards and best environmental and community-friendly practices and encourages its members to adopt them.