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Focus Group Meeting on Financing Circularity Initiatives

The Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF), in collaboration with the Association of Banks in Jordan, organized a focus group meeting on "Financing Circularity Initiatives". The meeting hosted Ms. Ivonne Bojoh, the circular economy expert and the CEO of the Circle Economy Foundation in Amsterdam. The meeting was attended by representatives from the Central Bank of Jordan, Amman Stock Exchange, CEOs of banks and financial institutions, and executives responsible for green financing in banks and investment funds.


During the meeting, Bojoh underscored the importance of circular economy projects in tackling environmental challenges and resource scarcity in Jordan. She emphasized that such projects present a valuable opportunity to address and innovate solutions for the challenges. She further underscored potential investment prospects within Jordan's circular economy, outlining mechanisms to enable relevant projects and initiatives. Ms. Bojoh emphasized the pivotal role of financing from banks and financial institutions, underscoring the enduring positive economic impact and return on investment in circular economy projects and initiatives.


The CEO of the JSF, H.E. Nesreen Barakat, expressed that the meeting took place on the sidelines of the first nationwide circular economy conference, which was organized by the JSF in partnership with the Royal Scientific Society and the Circular Economy Club in Amman. The overall objective of the conference is to raise awareness and initiate the development of a national roadmap for the circular economy in Jordan.

Barakat emphasized the instrumental role of banks and financial institutions in adopting and financing circular economy initiatives, recognizing these projects as innovative and pioneering, given their ability to facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable and resource-efficient economic model in Jordan.

For his part, Dr. Maher Al-Mahrouq, the Director General of the Association of Banks in Jordan, underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in developing circular economy initiatives. He highlighted the essential role played by the banking sector in driving green initiatives. Al-Mahrouq also outlined the key programs and activities of the Association of Banks in the field of green and sustainable financing, emphasizing their connection to the circular economy.


Al Mahrouq noted that the session aimed to establish a common language and narrative among stakeholders, emphasizing that the participation of the banking sector in this session is evidence of a shared commitment to sustainability and responsible banking practices. Furthermore, he pointed out that the challenges posed by climate change and environmental impacts necessitate collective action, clearly linked to the need to consider the wide-ranging effects of decisions on the environment, society, and future generations.

The participants engaged in discussions about best practices in this context, drawing from experiences in Arab and foreign countries in providing financing and financial services that support the adoption of the circular economic model.